...i like to think every day is some sort of mastery in failure but that each fail fails less or different enough that eventually the solid mass of fail will be so distinct and singular it will succeed as success even though it is secretly the opposite...to that end i always find the songs hiding wrong notes and sounds to be more interesting then the auto-tuned mathematics of data correct sound...to put it into a catchy bumper sticker...you break it, i'll buy it...

...love the idea of mastering not the task, but the repetition...which reminds me of a song by a great semi-failure of a band...the fall...https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mTKCKBu8CLI

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I see what you did there. Thank you! My current favorite fail-forward story involves trying, unsuccessfully, to lose weight. Since I hate exercising, I knew I needed to find an exercise that I could maintain. I chose walking.

I still couldn't lose weight. But, finally, I took a hard look at my lifestyle and eliminated two things that were holding me back:

Netflix and Cheezits.


You know how you may like to have popcorn while watching a movie? Well, I took that idea and turned it into a double-horror of binge behavior - watching and eating.

Once I eliminated those two things and increased my walking, I actually started losing weight! I went from 211 in Jan. 2023 to 194 this morning! Woot!

I'm going to go watch your video now. With a cup of water.

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